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Welcome to my Valentine's Day

Page! (And Unicorns Too!!)

Hi and welcome to my page which is all about my favorite holiday, Valentine's Day and about Unicorns! My name is Donna Parker and I will be your hostess while you read my poetry and look at my pictures about things like unicrons and Valentine's Day, the happiest day of the year!

I'm sorry I didn't update my site last week! I was busy doing my Christmas shopping. If my boyfreind is reading the site, I better not say what I bought for him (but I'll give you a hint: it has something to do with unicrons)!

I put up my first short story and I'mm busy writing another one and some poetry. You'll have to wait till next week tho!

I'd love to know what Valentine's Day was like back in the days when unicorns roamed the planet. I think Unicorns are perfect for Valentine's day because their the most romantic animals.

I have my first --!-- Unicorn story. Want to see? (click on the unicorn": click on the unicorn) I'll have more real soon!

Important!! -- My gallery of unicorn art is called "Unicorn Mews": (It's OK to click on this unicorn, because it works.

This is important too! You can take my SURVEY here!



This is the link to my friend Cathy's website. It's lucky her name is Cathy because her site is all about the comic strip Cathy! She told me how to make my site more exciting by putting animations on it and she's got alot of cool animations on her site too! (Her site is still:

(under contruction)


You can email me!